Reservations of Hazaras will be addressed: PM Urges Hazaras to bury their loved ones — Pakistan would not recognize Israel


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Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that all reservations of the Hazara community will be addressed, following the attack on colliers in Balochistan.
In an interview with Turkish TV, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Quaid-e-Azam had laid the foundation of the state of Madinah for Pakistan and in the state of Madinah, minorities had equal rights.
The Prime Minister said that the protection of minorities is the responsibility of the state. Terrorists have harmed Hazara community in Balochistan and their all reservations will be addressed.
Imran Khan said that he was well aware of Islamophobia in the West. The West has not been able to differentiate between freedom of expression and heartache. No attempt was made to clear up misunderstandings between the West and Muslims. Islamophobia also started as a result of these misunderstandings.
He said that the West is unable to understand how much we (Muslims) love our Prophet (PBUH). He urged that for the honour of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the heads of the Islamic states will have to speak.
The Prime Minister further said that the Jews had told Europe of their feelings about the Holocaust. In Europe, talking about the Holocaust is a punishable offense, because it hurts the feelings of Jews. In Europe, religion is not as important as it is in our society, he added.
Imran Khan said the hijab was banned in France and mosques were raided. Most Muslim leaders do not know Western society from within while I have spent a lot of time in the West. I have lived in the West, so I am well acquainted with Islamophobia in Western society. The problem of Islamophobia in France was not being addressed properly.
In response to a question about the US President and his role for the Kashmir resolution, Imran Khan said, “I don’t know if the Biden administration has a position on occupied Kashmir. I talked to US President Donald Trump, and I will talk to the Biden administration about playing a role.
Regarding Pak-US relations, he said that no prediction can be made in this regard. India is being brought forward to deal

with China, Pakistan has made many sacrifices for America. We fought against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, but then the United States banned us. After which Pakistan left those groups.
He said that the United States came to Afghanistan in 2001 to fight against the same group (Afghan Taliban), which led to terrorism in Pakistan and we lost more than 70,000 lives. We have paid a heavy price for it. We want the Biden administration to look at our sacrifices.
In response to a question about Israel, Imran Khan reitrated that Pakistan would not recognize Israel, if we do so, then we will have to withdraw from the position on Kashmir. I am convinced of the Quaid’s vision for Israel. We will not recognize Israel. No one can and will put pressure on me, we are a democratic country, he added.
When asked about Pak-India relations, he said that Narendra Modi should look at his past. The founders of the RSS were directly influenced by Hitler’s ideas. Modi’s government is putting the RSS ideology into practice. The RSS uniform was also inspired from the Nazis.
The Prime Minister said that India was ruled by Muslims for 700 years and by the British for 200 years. Extremist Hindus are now venting their anger on Muslims and the Christian community.
He said after becoming PM, I tried to improve relations with Modi, but there was no positive response from Narendra Modi.

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