Rescue 1122 receives over 78pc fake calls in July


The emergency service Rescue 1122 Dera received over 78 percent non-emergency calls and provided services to 581 different types of emergencies during the month of July which shows the apathy of the citizens. According to the monthly performance report issued here, the Rescue 1122 received total 86027 calls including 67875 unnecessary and fake ones besides 17571 informational and incomplete phone calls.

The Rescue 1122 responded 581 calls of different types of emergencies with average time of 6 minutes and 45 seconds. District Emergency Officer Rescue 1122 Kamal Shah appealed to the public to avoid unnecessary and fake calls.

Rescue 1122 handled 413 medical, 121 road traffic accidents, 9 fires, 11 fights and shootings, 4 drowning, 1 building collapse incidents. A total of 623 patients were safely transferred to the hospital by timely response to one explosion and 21 different types and recovery incidents and provided medical assistance and facilities on the spot.

Rescue 1122 Disaster Rescue Team moved dozens of people to safe place in different areas of Tehsil Paharpur and Tehsil Parowa in the month of July and is still engaged in dewatering of the flood affected areas.

In addition, Rescue 1122 Dera through the Out District Referral Service responded to a total of 131 emergencies, out of which 119 patients were moved from one tehsil to another within the district while 12 patients were shifted from one district to another district.

Meanwhile, a total of 141 patients benefited from the Rescue 1122 referral service. Moreover, the Rescue 1122 training wing team provided first aid training to dozens of people.


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