Rescue 1122 receives 419,201 wrong calls during 2021


Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 Multan had received over one million calls during the last year out of which more than 419,201 calls were obnoxious and wrong calls.

According to Rescue 1122 Multan sources, the unnecessary calls were not only creating problems in dealing emergency calls for the Rescue 1122 but it also resulted into loss of public lives and properties. The Rescue 1122 Multan had received 10,45,379 calls during the last year out of which only 85,702 calls were emergency calls while 419,201 calls were obnoxious, 363,951 calls were distorted calls, 113,950 information seeking calls while 62,575 were wrong calls.

Talking to APP here on Friday, Rescue 1122 spokesman Malik Ahsan informed that unnecessary calls were being cancelled immediately in order to get space for emergency calls. He said that hundreds of thousands of calls had been made by different people for the same emergencies. He said that the District Emergency Officer has urged people time and again to avoid wrong calls on rescue emergency number 1122 in order to save lives and properties of others.

He said that Rescue 1122 Multan had responded 85,702 emergency calls including 26,366 of road accidents, 48,270 medical emergencies, 1017 of fire, 2290 of violence, 59 of drowning into water, 35 of building collapse, three of explosion and 7662 calls of miscellaneous emergencies.

Responding to emergency calls, rescue 1122 had rescued 87,573 patients, provided first aid to 41,202 patients, 42,325 shifted to hospitals while 4046 patients were died on the spot.

On the other hand, Rescue 1122 had also organ-ized different seminars and workshops to create awareness among the masses about the safety meas-ures to prevent any mishap.

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