Rescue 1122 marks WDoR for road traffic victims


On the directives of DG Punjab Emergency Service Department (Rescue 1122) Dr Rizwan Naseer, Sunday was commemorated as World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims’ in all districts of Punjab.

The WDoR was observed with Theme of ACT for Low Speeds / Act for Low Speed Streets.

The objectives of WDoR 2021 are to provide a platform for road traffic victims and their families to remember all people killed and seriously injured on the roads; acknowledge the crucial work of the emergency services, advocate for better support for road traffic victims and victim families and promote evidence-based actions to prevent and eventually stop further road traffic deaths and injuries.

Dr Rizwan Naseer also paid rich tribute to all emergency responders including rescuers, police, medical professionals, and others who deal with the traumatic aftermath of road crashes daily.

In this regard, awareness walks, seminars, rallies, and workshops were organized at all district headquarters of Punjab to raise awareness among citizens for the prevention of road traffic crashes in accordance with the new Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021–2030.

DG Emergency Services Dr Rizwan said that the service has so far responded to over 3 million road traffic crashes in Punjab since the inception of the service in 2004, whereas Rescue Service alone is managing over 1000 road crashes daily.

The data further revealed that an accident occurs after every 1.6 minutes in which around 83% traffic crash victims are associated with the motorbikes.

Dr Rizwan Naseer expressed his concern over the leading cause of road traffic crashes and said that these can be prevented through reducing speed of Motorbikes to 50 km/hr and drive-in left lane by using strapped helmet and side mirror.

He analyzed that a total of over 3 million RTCs were reported in the last 17 years out of which 3.5 million people were injured.

Out of these injured of RTCs, 3,72004 had Head Injuries, 61,290 had Spinal Injuries, 231,406 had Multiple Fractures, 537,776 had Single Fractures, whereas fortunately 230,3562 (65%) were minor injured.

He said that males were the most vulnerable road users as 80 % of the victims while only 21 % of females were affected in road traffic crashes, whereas 37,679 died at the site of accidents in Punjab.

He said that over-speeding was the leading cause of accidents (41%), followed by careless driving (32%), Wrong Turns (8%), and other cases 19%. Whereas 2805 cases of One Wheeling were reported.

Moreover, motorbikes were found to be involved in 62%, cars in 9%, rickshaws in 10%, buses, trucks, vans and Tractor Trolley in 10% and 9 % in other vehicles.

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