Removal of encroachments from Gujjar Nullah from next month


In the drive to remove illegal encroachments and impediments from nullahs and rain drains, the local government has Tuesday announce to move the operations to Gujjar Nullah as well while it continues to wreck structures on Mehmoodabad Nullah, it has been learnt.

The study model of how to develop Gujjar Nullah channels on the advanced lines has been furnished with minimum removal of constructions around them. Instead of removing 150 feet adjoining the nullah, the authorities are only removing 30 feet and have begun marking the region.

It may be noted that in the earlier drives, the markings were extended to 105 feet area contiguous with the nullah which meant 8000 built structures would be razed along the way.

Now with this new design, about 50 per cent of the structures will be saved from being dismantled.

The operation is set to begin from the early days of next month and it’s decided to construct boundary walls, footpath, and the streets across the nullas as well.

On various places, the nullah channels will be restructured and straightened up to speed the water stream as well while other than making them deeper and broader, the sewers and will be cleaned of chocking as well. It was said that at various points, the nullah will be broadened to 60- to 80 feet.


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