Remembering Dr A Q Khan & his contribution to medical profession | By Dr Yasin Khan Durrani


Remembering Dr A Q Khan & his contribution to medical profession

WHEN I was the Head of the Eye Department at B.B. Hospital, Murree Road, Rawalpindi (a teaching hospital attached to Rawalpindi Medical College (now University), I planned to modernize this Department with the latest equipment for the convenience of Pakistani brethren especially the local population of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

On my first call through his Deputy Director Nazir Ahmed who helped me talk to Dr A Q Khan, father of Pakistan’s Nuclear Program, a savoir of Muslim world in attaining nuclear supremacy. His D D finalized his visit. I requested him to visit the hospital and the Eye Department. He very kindly acceded to my request.

All the teachers of Rawalpindi Medical College were invited. During my presentation I apprised Dr Qadeer Khan of the factual position of the Department and requested him to upgrade the Eye Department with most the latest equipment as well as training our doctors from UK in various fields of Eye Diseases.

In response to my request, he agreed to provide latest lasers for the advanced treatment of Retinal disorders.

He also issued orders to air-condition the whole department and to equip a separate Laser room with all facilities. At the end of his visit he approved the foreign training of the doctors in the UK in various specialties providing all expenses of travel, training, residence and other living expenses.

Dr. Khan was an Urdu Speaking Pathan from Bhopal and his father also a great academician. His contribution to Medical Profession are enormous.

He is a legend to establish many schools, colleges, Research Laboratories (KRL), hospitals, philanthropic institutions. By profession he was a nuclear physicist and metallurgical engineer.

Today, we are deeply saddened at the sad demise of our great national hero who rendered invaluable services to the nation.

We offer heartfelt condolences to his family members and friends. He left this world during “Ashrai-Rehmatulil-Alemeen (SAWW)” May Allah bless his soul in Peace and Paradise in his eternal abode.

During his burial as soon as his casket (coffin) was lifted from Faisal Mosque, the sky suddenly became heavily clouded, thundering to the extreme, the lightening was flashing every second with deafening and creaking noise as if the sky is lamenting with passion and grief.

The history reminds us the burial of Tipu Sultan a brave Muslim warrior, the scenario was exactly repeated at the burial of Dr Khan. My daughter who was watching the burial with tears in her eyes remarked “this is the end of the blessed people in both worlds.”

—The writer is a Retired Prof of Eye, additionally a historian and a journalist who wrote a book, “A brief history of Afghanistan”. Its preface was written by Dr Qadeer Khan that it is an invaluable book must be placed in national institutions.

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