Remains of ‘murdered boy’ recovered from house: Police



Police recovered the skeletal remains of a ‘murdered boy’ after being spotted by his own mother from a house in Karachi on Saturday.Police officials have recovered the skeletal remains of a boy who had been buried around nine years ago in a house in the Khairabad area of Karachi’s Orangi Town.

The arrested woman who is said to be the mother of the ‘murdered boy’ made shocking revelations before the police investigators. The skeletal remains of the boy were dug out from the house.The police department has been working on the Noor Zaman disappearance case who had gone missing from Karachi’s Korangi in 2017

The police raided the house of Noor Zaman’s wife in which she made terrifying revelations before the investigators.She told the police that the missing Noor Zaman had married two women including her. She revealed that Zaman had buried the body of her son, Kamran, in the house after murdering him. She spotted the room of the house in which Kamran’s body was buried.

The woman said that her son, Kamran had been murdered by his ‘stepfather’ Noor Zaman. Police said that the woman suspiciously remained silent on the incident despite being aware of the horrible murder.Police officials revealed that a daughter of the woman was still missing since 2013 and she expressed suspicions that she was also murdered. According to the woman’s statement, her daughter had gone missing when she visited the village.

he human skeleton was shifted to the hospital for further identification, police added. Moreover, police also arrested the suspected woman for further investigation in the case.

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