Religious scholars to teach more subjects at universities


The acting minister of higher education, Neda Mohammad Nadim, on Monday said that religious scholars in universities will teach subjects of law and politics besides Sharia.

“The enrolment of religious scholars will begin at the zonal level. The scholars, who have worked in fields of sharia, can also work in the field of politics and law,” he said.

Nadim said the enrolment process of religious scholars in universities for the southern zone will kick off next week.

“I will share the issue with the emir (supreme leader) that if other subjects are given 10 credits, the subject of a cleric should be given 20 credits,” he said.

Clerics meanwhile stressed the need for bringing in more professional individuals as lecturers in universities.

“The ground should be paved for senior Sheikhs to teach at universities. I repeat it, it should be a top priority.

They should not face challenges as we have faced,” said Nek Mohammad, a religious scholar.

“The clerics who are selected for universities should also have the capacity and ability of it,” said Mohammad Omar Khitabi, a religious scholar.

The acting minister of higher education emphasized that those who have learned modern studies will be enrolled in universities through examination.—Tolonews