Religious Scholars stress interfaith Harmony


Need for developing tolerance and humility urged

Observer Report

Islam teaches us tolerance, humility, and humbleness and we can establish peace and harmony in our personal lives, society and the world by following the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), scholars and speakers at the concluding Interfaith Commission for Peace and Harmony (ICPH), organized an International Religious Freedom and Interfaith Harmony Conference 2021 with the collaboration of American Muslim and Multifaith Women’s Empowerment Council, at Avari Hotel.

Religious scholars from various beliefs such as the representatives of Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Paarsi and Bihaai communities, social activists, diplomats of various countries and people from different walks of life participated in the conference.

Number of International dignitaries joined the event virtually and shared their views on this important and sensitive topic which is the foundation to bring peace in the world.

The program was officially started with the readings from the Holy books of all the different faiths to give them equal respect and love.

Speaking on the occasion Senior Minister Mr. Nasir Hussain Shah said, ending extremism, terrorism and sectarian violence requires dialogue between people of different groups and to achieve this goal the government will hold training sessions for Imams, preachers, teachers as per modern requirements and standards of society,”

The Consul General, Rob Silberstein, praised of the efforts of Allama Imam Ahsan Siddiqui, Chairman of Interfaith Commission for Peace and Harmony (ICPH) and President AMMWEC Anila Ali in being a unifying force and exemplifying the best of American and Muslim values.

Consul General US, virtually joined the event and said that Inter-Faith Harmony is an important idea in a multi-religion society. There should be well managed arrangements for religious co-existence in all parts of the globe.

The Deputy Consul General of UAE Karachi Bakheet Ateeq al Remeithi also graced the occasion and appreciated the interfaith harmony created by all those that were present.

The UAE has become the epitome of peace and tolerance where religious freedom and peaceful coexistence is at par, He said Abrahamic House a strong message of tolerance from UAE. Prophet Abraham is a revered prophet in Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

The unique religious landmark symbolises the state of peaceful coexistence and human fraternity experienced by all communities living in the UAE, regardless of their nationalities, beliefs and religions.

The Editor-in-Chief of the daily Pakistan Observer, Mr. Faisal Zahid Malik, in his address at an interfaith conference, has urged Ulema to generate religious harmony among the people of different faiths and also play their due role for the defence of Pakistan.

Allama Imam Ahsan Siddiqui, Chairman of Interfaith Council for Peace and Harmony (ICPH) moderated the conference.

Addressing the guests he said that the ICPH , with the support of Ulema-o-Mashaikh, had been playing an effective role to keep a check on the misuse of blasphemy law, therefore, on account of hearsay, any objections on violation of religious freedom in Pakistan should not be made.

He further added that all the religious parties have agreed that forceful conversions could not be made and all such incidents are being seen on case to case.

He further explained that the Ulema had been playing an effective role to restrain underage marriages and coordination is being made in this regard between the representatives of different religions, sects and the government.

Cardinal Joseph Coutts Pakistani prelate of the Catholic Church, and key note speaker of the event decorated the event with theses words “we are very lucky to get the opportunity for disseminating love and peace.

At the end of the event a declaration and pledge was signed by all the religious scholars, civil society members and all the attendees of the event as a commitment that they will be the active agents to promote interfaith harmony, love and respect among practitioners of various religious beliefs for the peaceful co-existence of mankind.

It is evident that Interfaith Harmony and religious freedom are the way forward to Global peace and prosperity.

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