Relief for employees but . . .


EMPLOYEES of the public sector organizations will be overwhelmed over the announcement made for their relief in the budget 2022-23.

After the merger of previous ad hoc reliefs, they have been given a raise of fifteen percent in salaries.

In addition, the tax exemption slab for salaried class has also been increased from 600,000 rupees to 1.2 million rupees.

There is no denying that the price hike continuing over the last one year or so has affected the fixed income groups the most.

The relief given to the employees was inevitable in order to enable them meet their expenses.

Therefore, there is no reason for raising any question on this matter.

However, it is responsibility of the government to ensure full implementation of the announcement made regarding increase in salaries.

Mostly it has been seen that those working in the ministries get the raise whilst those sitting in the attached departments have to move from pillar to post and often have to resort to protest demonstrations to get the due increase in salaries.

Price hike affects all the employees either they are sitting in the ministries or the attached departments.

The previous government of PTI had announced two disparity allowances of twenty-five and fifteen per cent but unfortunately there are certain departments, including in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, which have so far not extended the same to its employees on one pretext or another.

This discrimination must come to an end. We therefore will suggest the government to come up with a mechanism to ensure implementation of such decisions in letter and in spirit.

The Pay and Pension Commission must also be activated to present its recommendations regarding overhauling the current pay and pension system.

There are certain allowances including the conveyance allowance which has not been increased for a long period of time.

A uniform pay structure — the one based on performance must be introduced in order to ensure good governance.

In the next year budget, the government has also announced establishment of a pension fund.

This is a step in the right direction but its transparent management must also be ensured.


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