Reko Diq, lost treasure | By Nasir Ullah Najam Sulehria


Reko Diq, lost treasure

THE Allah Almighty has blessed Pakistan with numerous resources including all weathers, water, the sea, rivers, mountains, grains, fruit, vegetable, minerals and, above all, human resource which need to be explored positively.

There are several things to discuss in the current political scenario, but I would like to throw light on our copper and gold reserve the Reko Diq.

Deposits of copper and gold found in Reko Diq, Chaghi district Dalbadeen since trillion of years.

The Reko Diq is Balochi word which means mountain of Reki, a Baloch tribesman.Reki is common caste/clan live both sides in Balochistan, Pakistan and Iranian Seestan Balochistan.

It (Reko Diq) indicates that locals of Chaghi, Dalbadin district are real owners of this precious deposit.

As per national policy about mines and minerals, the government owns such minor and major minerals and gives royalty to landlords in lieu of exploration and excavation of minerals.

In case, the government intends to outsource these minerals, it auctions such deposits through bidding process after publishing advertisement in national press and at international biding process is adopted in mega projects like Reko Diq.

A few facts about the Reko Diq:

(1).Reko Diq is copper and gold deposit of over 100 billion dollars.

(2).Pakistan’s budget can be tax free for 500 years provided Reko Diq is explored justly.

(3).For this purpose, international bidding is need of the hour.

(4).Wrongdoing is constantly being committed in awarding contract of the Reko Diq.The same is the case of Sandik project and Tanjeel H-4 adjacent to the Reko Diq.

(5).Earlier, Rekodiq was awarded to a fake and forged company through Letter of Intent during Musharraf era.

Instead five to seven people involved in this illegal practice are probed and tried in competent court of law, the contract is again awarded to the same company whose owner is a jew who migrated from Africa to Canada and formed a mining company.

It is pertinent to mention here that the said jew, who died recently, had been habitual litigant with countries across the globe.

For instance, companies have proposed to the Government of Pakistan for forming a joint company after all stakeholders including locals, Government of Balochistan, Federal Government on board for exploration of the Reko Diq with their own finances, technologies and manpower as well bring smelter and setting up refinery at the spot.

The companies also proposed setting up of a joint company and enlisting with Stock Exchange.

In this respect, they are offering much more than total investment of ten billion dollars being promised by fraudulent company right now.

Those companies also propose royalty for locals, establishing educational institutions, hospitals and advanced irrigation system for agriculture sector in Balochistan and then rest of the country.

Keeping in view the above mentioned facts, it is suggested that the recent contract with regards to the Reko Diq must be scrapped immediately, probe be initiated against culprits and their gains and their cases in the Apex Court are heard on a daily basis.

International bidding process should be evolved not only in the Reko Diq but also in Tanjeel H-4, Sandik in Balochistan, Thar Coal, Sonda Mines in Sindh and mines leases in KPK, GB, Kashmir and Punjab.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Islamabad.


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