Rejected elements gathered to impede development process Habib says opposition wants to create anarchy, lawlessness


In a stern message to the opposition leaders, State Minister Farrukh Habib said that we have prepared handcuffs and all corrupts would be behind the bar after the failure of no-confidence move presented by the corrupt politicians to achieve their selfish motives.

While addressing press conference here on Saturday he said that opposition wanted to create anarchy and lawlessness but we would not allow them and would maintained writ of the government.

He further said that before two days of NA session there would be sea of masses at the D-Chowk Islamabad. All the attempts of the mafia to dislodge the present government during the past three years were defeated by the brave leader of the PTI and the future of all their such bids would doomed to fail.

He said that Prime Minister is an honest and brave leader while all the opposition leaders including Nawaz Sharif, Zardari and Moulana Fazal ur Rehman are corrupt and they have amassed huge money and plundered the national wealth during the past and they wanted to protect their corruption.

He deposed that after the failure of no-confidence move, all the opposition leaders themselves would call each other corrupt.

He further said that we have met all the challenges during the past and would be successful in this issue also because all the allies are with the PTI government.

The Minister said that Prime Minister is quite brave and always remained anti-war but declared that we would not tolerate any dictation from inside or outside.

He further said that Imran Khan would not bargain the integrity and solidarity of the country. He questioned what were Memogate and Dawn leak and declared that army was the only institution which guaranteed the defence of Pakistan and nobody should point finger on this institution.

Due to vision of the PM, the country has been put on the right path. Referring to price-hike of different commodities, he said that due to corona, prices of all the commodities including oil were sky-rocketing in even developed countries but we have taken steps to bring down the prices of all the commodities including oil.

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