Rehab of disabled prime responsibility: Dr Ilyas

Staff Reporter

Patients suffering from spinal-cord injuries of the country’s only and unique Paraplegic Center in Hayatabad Peshawar, were taken on tour of the Peshawar Zoo.

The patients including disabled children and womenvisited the zoo and expressed keen interest in the caged animals and learned a lot about them.

Chief Executive of the centre Dr. Syed Mohammad Ilyas and Rehab staff also accompanied them and shared their joys by having picnic at the zoo with them.

On this occasion, Dr. Ilyas Syed said that ‘treatment and sports go hand in hand’ is the center’s motto.

He said that spinal cord injury makes a person’s life very difficult by radically changing it and a living person becomes prisoner of his body in moments.

Similarly, he maintained, medical complications such as bed sores also occur and seemingly healthy people suffer the worst stress by stinging to beds.