Regularization of Imran ‘residence in Bani Gala’ classic example of abuse of authority: Khokhar


Staff Reporter

Pakistan Peoples Party leader, Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar has said that regularization of Imran Khan’ residence in Bani Gala is a classic example of abuse of authority by the present regime.
Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar in a statement said that Imran Khan had made tall claims of making “one Pakistan” for all but in reality this decision is reflective of the fact that there are two Pakistan’s, one for the common citizens whose homes and livelihood were bulldozed on the pretext of encroachment and the other for Imran Khan and his friends.
He demanded that a fair and transparent investigation be carried out to probe Capital Development Authority’s role in facilitating such abuse of authority. Where NAB is and why is it not taking action in this regard, Senator Khokhar asked? NAB is quick to initiate references against opposition politicians and bureaucrats on flimsy charges but is completely indifferent to this blatant irregularity and misuse of authority.