Recovery roadmap



Addressing a public gathering at historic Minar-i-Pakistan in Lahore, PTI Chairman outlined a ten point economic recovery programme encompassing promotion of investment, tourism, small and medium industries, agriculture, tax collection besides resumption of housing finance scheme and health card programme as well as checking money laundering saying all these measures would pull the country out of economic crisis. However, in the same breath he also acknowledged that there was no easy way out of prevailing crisis and that difficult decisions are required.

Indeed nobody can deny the recipe presented by former prime minister for economic recovery. We have also been stressing in these columns time and again that it is only through uplifting productive sectors of the economy, ending subsidies and enhancing tax collection that can help drive the country to path of self reliance and free it from debt trap. Given the events of almost past one year, there should not be doubt in anybody’s mind that economic revival is not possible without political stability — the essential ingredient missing in the recovery roadmap of Mr Khan. In current uncertain situation where polarisation has reached unprecedented levels, nobody would like to invest in Pakistan be it overseas Pakistanis, private sector or foreign investors. Similarly when focus of political parties is on kneeling down each other through every possible mean, attention cannot be paid to fix chronic economic problems. Political stability is a very important variable to induce consistent development in all sectors.

The citizens are bearing brunt of current political situation as they are surrounded by despair and hopelessness. Hence, it is time to put political animosity and differences aside and develop consensus on important issues before it is too late. Sanity must prevail for sake of the country. We understand that situation will improve drastically only if those in government and opposition stop their fiery and venomous speeches against each other. This then should pave the ground for a grand dialogue on all matters ranging from conduct of elections to addressing economic crisis. Both sides will have to demonstrate flexibility while rising above their egos to chart out a way forward for the country. This is need of the hour and political leadership should not disappoint the nation.