Record tourists visit 7 prominent attraction sites in KP during Eid days


    Department of Tourism, Culture, Sports, Archeol-ogy, Museum and Youth Affairs of KP and Provin-cial Tourism Project KITE, Friday released com-plete data of the number of tourists visited 7 differ-ent main attractions during the 4 days of Eid-ul-Fitr. According to the data released, more than 3.63 mil-lion tourists visited seven different prominent desti-nations in the first 4 days of Eid-ul-Fitr.

    KP tourist places have steadily improved tourist arrivals recorded in the local economy, the tourism department spokesperson said while talking to me-dia men. Tourism provincial and district administra-tion provided the best tourist facilities, the tourism department spokesperson added.

    He said, for tourists, the Tourist Facilitation Facility was established at different sites and operational 24/7 with helpline facilities. In the helpline, the officials are providing a full tourist guide, he further added. He said the Tourist Facilitation Facility round the clock is providing information about tour-ist tourism in the province, the spokesman informed.

    He said tourists and travel information or any unex-pected situation helpline number 1422 to avoid any problem to the tourists. He also urged the tourists to follow the guidelines of tourism through social me-dia channels to ensure safe travel before leaving for tourist attractions and to ensure responsible tourism, the tourism department spokesperson said.