Recognize Israel’ mantra buried deep in the debris of Gaza: Int’l webinar

Staff Report

A change in the world order is vital to rein in states like Israel and resolve the long-standing Palestine issue since the major roadblock is the prevalent unjust world order based on the paradigm of survival of the fittest.

In addition, worldwide civil society linkages, alliances of the forces of good across the world, and the anti-apartheid movement model of South Africa can play a central role in this regard.

These views were expressed by eminent geopolitical analysts at an international webinar titled ‘Israeli Aggression and the Plight of the Palestinians’ which was jointly organized by Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), Islamabad and ILKE Foundation, Istanbul.

The speakers included Mushahid Hussain Syed, Pakistani Senator and chairperson Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Khalid Rahman, IPS Chairman, Dr Ramzy Baroud, a US-based Palestinian author and journalist, and Dr Ali Abo Rezeq, a Palestinian journalist based in Turkey. The event was moderated from Istanbul by Ahsan Shafiq of ILKE Foundation.

The speakers viewed that normalization of relations with Israel, an apartheid state, will not churn out benefits for Muslim countries.

Rather, Israel is thumping its nose at Washington, so it would be better to exert pressure diplomatically on the US.

The experts were optimistic that changing global dynamics – with the world transforming into multipolar from unipolar after the Cold War – will benefit the Palestinian cause.

A positive aspect, they noted, was the favorable voices within Jews and Israel besides non-Muslims, liberals and civil society, and concerns shown in the media and by the human rights organizations.