Re-recording of the National Anthem of Pakistan to be released on 14th August


To mark the 75th Anniversary of the Independence of Pakistan, the Steering Committee for the Re-recording of the National Anthem of Pakistan looks forward to its official release by the Government of Pakistan on 14th August 2022.

Formed in June 2021, and further mandated by the present Government in April 2022, the Steering Committee has endeavoured to create a re-recording of the original national anthem that reflects updated inclusivity in voices and expression while ensuring the sanctity of the original words and the musical composition.

The stirring, powerful musical score by Ahmed Ghulam Ali Chagla was formally approved in 1949 by then-Prime Minister Quaid-e-Millat, Liaquat Ali Khan. However, the beautiful, inspiring words, as written later by Abu Al-Asar Hafeez Jalandhari were formally approved and then recorded with the music in 1954. That first recording featured a limited number of voices and used the modest technical facilities available at that time. In the succeeding 68 years, there have been major developments in music technology as also the emergence of diverse musical talent across the country.

In planning to produce new vocal and instrumental versions of the unchanged original words and composition, the Steering Committee applied an all-inclusive, gender-balanced approach and enlisted vocalists from diverse regional, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, from all religious faiths and musical genres. 48 musicians from the army, air force and navy bands skilfully played the musical instruments.

The re-recording in 2022 becomes an occasion to celebrate the rich diversity of the nation and reflect the unique national identity and solidarity of the people of Pakistan.

A choir comprising of 30 vocalists rehearsed at the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) in Karachi for several weeks, and in June 2022, 125 vocalists representing all provinces, regions and faiths were invited to participate in rehearsals and recordings in Islamabad. These artists were selected after the publication of public notices in leading newspapers inviting expressions of interest resulting in an online registration process. Prior to the recording, all the selected 155 vocalists, including well-known artists, were mentored and rehearsed, and an artist kit was shared with them. This contained lyrics, translations and pronunciation guides. It was imperative that the Re-recording of the National Anthem of Pakistan was rendered correctly while maintaining its historic sanctity and rich legacy. State-of-the-art digital technology was used to record multiple tracks and to complete the mixing and fusion to create clear, distinct, powerful vocal and instrumental versions. A colourful, kaleidoscopic video featuring the new version has also been produced by Num Films.


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