RDA advises citizens to check status of housing societies before investment


Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has advised the citizens to check status of the housing societies from RDA’s official website before investment

According to a RDA spokesman, RDA on the directives of Director General (DG) had issued notices to 12 illegal housing schemes.

The Metropolitan Planning and Traffic Engineering (MP&TE) Directorate, RDA was taking legal action against illegal advertisements and marketing of illegal housing schemes.

The authority had issued notices to 12 housing schemes namely New Metro City, Gujar Khan, Tariq Sharif Smart City, Gujar Khan, Prizam Town, Gujar Khan, Capital Valley at Mouza Thalian near new airport, Life Residencia at Mouza Mori Khatran Fateh Jang road, Seven Enclave at Mouza Pind Ranjha road, Mannan City at Mouza Chahan Chakri road, Lake View City at Mouza Chahan Cahkri road, Faha Fatima at Mouza Khingar Chakri road, Park Zameen Town at Mouza Misriot Chakri road, Hawks Melbourne City at Mouza Bagga Sheikhan Chak Beli Khan road and Kashmir Valley at Mouza Jollay Chakwal road. He informed that the housing schemes had been directed to submit documents including mortgage deed, deed of surrender and No-Objection Certificate (NOC) taken from the Environment Protection Department etc.

The societies had also been instructed to submit all the required papers, otherwise the approval of the layout plans of the housing schemes would be withdrawn/cancelled, he added.

The owners and sponsors of some housing schemes were giving misleading advertisements to cheat general public, he said adding, the citizens were advised not to invest in illegal and unauthorized projects which were not approved by the departments concerned.

The citizens could check status of the housing projects from the MP&TE Directorate or on the RDA website www.rda.gop.pk, he added.


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