Rawalpindi Sanwaro movement demands development initiatives for city


President, Rawalpindi Sanwaro Tehreek (Reclaim Rawalpindi Movement) and prominent social and political figure, Sheikh Abdul Waheed on Friday demanded the quarters concerned for development initiatives to resolve the city’s problems. Addressing a media conference, he said that discrimination of Rawalpindi should be stopped under the pretext of lack of resources. “In all projects, we are ready to provide all kinds of support and build and implement a workable plan. Like Lahore, Rawalpindi should also be included in the development plans. Above all political affiliations, the problems of Rawalpindi city should be solved on a priority basis. Rawalpindi Sanwaro Movement has practically decided to beautify its city on a priority basis by breaking all the chains of deprivation,” he said.

On this occasion, Chairman Rawalpindi Sanwaro Tehreek, Syed Shahid Geelani, Chief Organizer Chaudhry Khurshid Anwar, Women Wing President Samina Shoaib and other officials were also present.

Sheikh Abdul Waheed said that Rawalpindi and Islamabad are twin cities, but if the development plans and facilities of both cities were examined, the difference between them was of huge magnitude. Despite being the capital of Potohar, Rawalpindi was completely ignored, he observe.

He said that we have packages based on BOT (Build Operate and Transfer) for the development works of Rawalpindi, so the federal and provincial government and the local administration should give priority to Rawalpindi in all kinds of development works.

“We demand that the TB hospital should be made operational immediately for the citizens of the city. The construction of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Road on the sides of Nala Lai should be started immediately. The construction of an icon to identify Rawalpindi and Potohar should be started immediately. Moreover, playgrounds should be built for children in the city. The number of metro buses should be at least doubled immediately and the buses should be run on self finance,” he added.

The political interference should be eliminated in schools and colleges and it should be run by the Board of Governors under the Mayor and local government elections should be held immediately so that problems could be resolved at the street level, Sheikh said.

“Municipal elections should be conducted on a non-partisan basis, the mayor should be elected directly by the people’s votes. Underground safe passageways should be made for pedestrians on the busy thoroughfares. The construction of underpass at Katchari Chowk and Mareer Chowk should be started immediately. A Sasta Bazaar should be set up at a separate place for the carriages so that the bazaars remain open till night.

Separate counters should be made everywhere for senior citizens and special arrangements should be made for the disabled. The circular train should be started, and the train should be run from Rawalpindi to Margalla station immediately, our aim is not politics but to serve the people, he demanded.Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation has sought applications from the citizens of OIC member states having extraordinary scientific contributions for the awards to be given in various categories.