Rashid wants elections immediately after Hajj


Voting on no-trust motion to take place on April 3

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said on Tuesday that he wants “fair and transparent” elections to be called immediately after Hajj 2022 and has advised Prime Minister Imran Khan to present a good federal budget for the fiscal year 2022-23.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, he expressed three of his wishes — National Assembly members to vote in favour of the premier, the construction of Nala Lai, and elections after Hajj.

“I am pro early elections,” Rashid stressed. “The prime minister should present a good budget because oil and wheat prices are high across the globe, there’s IMF, FATF and so many other problems … Imran Khan should give a good budget and hold elections immediately after Hajj.”

The minister reiterated that the prime minister will “play till the last ball. I am standing with him.” He said that international conspiracies were behind the attempt to oust Imran Khan. “They will fail miserably,” he asserted, adding that he was waiting for Supreme Court’s decision on the presidential reference on Article 63-A. Talking about the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Khan, Rashid revealed that voting on the resolution, which was tabled in the National Assembly (NA) on Monday, would take place on April 3.


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