Rashid offers to deploy more Rangers in Karachi No trust motion of Opposition will face defeat


Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid offered on Tuesday to deploy more Rangers paramilitary in Karachi to curb the rising incidents of street crime in the metropolis.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, he said: “If the Sindh government asks, we are ready to increase [the deployment of] our Rangers forces. We are even ready to deploy them at police stations.”

“If [Sindh] Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah ask us for any assistance, we are willing to provide it,” he added. In response to a question, he further said the situation in Karachi was not good. “The situation that I saw in Karachi yesterday cannot be expressed in words … It seems as if there is no law [and order] in Karachi.”

Over the past few days, there has been a surge in killing during armed robberies and other street crimes in the city, with growing complaints from all segments of society that have also called out the security administration and provincial government for its failure to curb such incidents.

With regards to the political situation, Rashid said opposition parties would not get anything from their protest campaigns. He said their move to table a no-confidence motion would also fail. “If the opposition says they have kept their cards hidden, Imran Khan also keeps his cards close to his chest,” he remarked. “Your talks, meetings and requests will not work.” In response to a question, he said in his view, the PTI should also engage its estranged leader Jahangir Tareen in talks.


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