Raqs e Bismil accused for plagiarizing its poster

Raqs e Bismil

Raqs e Bismil is a drama that has wowed audiences with its use of spiritual messages in the tale. The drama portrays a woman’s return to salvation with the assistance of a man who only wishes to lead her on the holy road.

Raqs e Bismil, on the other hand, has recently been suspected of plagiarizing the poster from Greg Olsen’s painting “Forgiven.”

Meanwhile, the tale of Jesus and Mary Magdalene is reflected in the plot. Although some texts portray Magdalene as a prostitute in search of repentance and help who was eventually rescued by Jesus Christ, others say she was a close friend of the prophet. She was still there when he was crucified. Raqs e Bismil, which portrays Moosa (played by Imran Ashraf) as a religious man whose goal throughout the drama is to carry Zohra (played by Sarah Khan), an escort, to what he believes is the right direction, might follow the first interpretation. The characters seem to represent the tales (if not personalities) of the people who influence them.

It’s probable that the resemblance between the two was deliberate. A credit to the original source, on the other hand, would have sufficed.

Many corporate rooms, as well as temples, universities, and convent colleges, have Greg Olsen’s drawings. In the majority of his paintings, Jesus Christ is shown as assisting and blessing people everywhere he travels.

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