Ramiz presents four-point plan to regain cricket greatness



Former captain Ramiz Raja has lauded Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for its recent moves to improve the standard of cricket but believed his four-point plan could help achieve the target. “It is very good [to take steps for that] because unless the vision is clear the objectives will not be achieved. But I feel only four things are required to be done to regain the greatness: Number one [good] pitches; number two [focus on] domestic cricket, number three administration and number four talent hunt,” Ramiz said in a video on his YouTube channel ‘RamizSpeaks’.
The cricketer-turned commentator said that the condition of pitches in Pakistan, both at the club level and the domestic level was very bad and consequently cricket lovers remain unable to enjoy the top quality competitions. “At the club level you can’t even wear spikes as the pitches are so brittle that they get break. [The result is that] now at this level you mostly see tennis matches taking place on weekends because you need money to sustain clubs. “The condition of these pitches is so deteriorated that there is neither bounce nor the technique of the batsmen is challenged.
There seems no balance between the bat and ball. Sometime the bowlers try to bounce and batsmen seem to drive them on front foot.—APP