Rainwater inundates Urdu Bazaar



The urban flooding triggered by the monsoon rains in Karachi has inundated Urdu Bazaar. As per details, the flood and sewerage water has entered Urdu Bazaar, located at MA Jinnah Road in Karachi, after which business activities have been suspended.

Books, copies and other stuff in large quantity has been damaged due to floodwater. Meanwhile, the staff of Sindh Solid Waste Management and Municipal Corporation Karachi South.

Traffic police personnel are deployed at the road to guide the masses. The traffic police higher authorities said concerned departments have been contacted and water would be drained out from the Urdu Bazaar soon.

Torrential rains continued for third day on Tuesday in Karachi. Due to heavy rainfall, most of the city areas remained submerged in water, with all major highways flooded, causing serious difficulties to the city’s inhabitants and paralysing normal life.


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