Rain decreases threat of smog, brought down dengue cases


The intermittent rain for last night had reduced the threat of smog in the City, said Focal person of Rawalpindi District Health Authority Dr Waqar, Ahmed.

Talking to media, he said that if the rain continues in the coming days, it would further decrease the smog in December.

Dr Waqar said that the burning of garbage on roads, factories emitting smoke and smoky vehicle were the leading causes of smog.

He urged the people to adopt preventive measures during the smog and cover their nose and mouth, wear glasses and helmets while travelling, especially on the motorcycle, for the safety of eye infection, itchy skin, headache and other chest diseases.

The health officer advised the citizens not to go outside unnecessarily and wash their eyes with fresh water after returning home.

Dr Waqar said that smog might affect human health during the winter season due to climate change and environmental pollution.

He said that the promotion of tree plantations was vital for avoiding smog and checking environmental pollution.

Meanwhile, District Coordinator Epidemics Prevention and Control(DCEPC), Dr Sajjad Mehmood told that dengue fever cases had registered a sharp decrease in the city during the last week due to a continuing decline in temperature.

He said that present rain had turned the weather resulting reduction in dengue affected cases, adding around four to five patients had been brought to the allied hospitals of the city last week, while before last week, the number of daily patients were 20 to 30 and in the previous two months 70 to 80 daily.

Dr Sajjad expressed the hope that the dengue cases would witness a further drop as the weather turned more relaxed in the next week, which was not suitable for the survival of the dengue parasite.

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