Qudoos submits motion against BalochistanCM



Balochistan Assembly Speaker Abdul Qudoos Bizinjo on Friday submitted a privilege motion against CM Jam Kamal Khan. Talking to media in Quetta on Friday, he said that the chief minister used derogatory words against him but Jam Kamal Khan might not know that the Speaker heads the entire House. I have submitted a privilege motion against Balochistan CM, he said and added it is now the job of the Privilege Committee to look into the matter. “The committee can summon Balochistan CM at any times,” he said. Bizinjo said that most Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) members are angry and will come forward when the time is right. Bizenjo claimed that the party MPAs have lost their trust in the chief minister. The speaker said that he would try to bring about a change from the party within and we will make this party an Awami party.

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