Quality of healthcare in capital’s hospitals to be improved

City Reporter

Quality of healthcare in hospitals, laboratories and all type of healthcare institutions in the capital is to be improved.

This was decided at a meeting between Dr Hasan Orooj, Director General, DHS, MCI and Dr Saeed Qaid, Chief Executive Officer, Islamabad Health Regularity Authority.

It has been decided that capacities and experiences of the DHS which is more than 30 years will be utilized by health regularity authority and on the other side Islamabad health regularity authority will offer its regularity role and jointly develop all type of SOPs, TORs and qualifying standards for the hospitals which is the need of the hour.

In addition, the Islamabad Health Regularity Authority and Directorate of Health Services have jointly agreed to work on all those faculties and services which raise the quality of hospitals at par with the international standards, promote medical tourism, conduct trainings and access all faculties of healthcare providers beyond allopathic.

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