Quake-affected 12 more people succumb to injuries Aftershocks continue in AJK



The death toll climbed to at least 38 in the devastating earthquake that rocked Azad Jammu and Kashmir’s Mirpur a day earlier as aftershocks continue in the region.
Mirpur Divisional Commissioner Muhammad Tayyab confirmed that 38 people have died and 460 others injured and 160 people were in critical conditions.
Earlier, figures showed that the worst-hit was Mirpur with 24 dead, nine in Jatlan and one person lost his life in Jhelum.
During a visit to the affected area, the NDMA chairman said the Pakistan Army has started repair work on damaged roads. “By tomorrow, small vehicles will be able to use the roads that were affected by the earthquake.”
He added that 1,000 food aid packages will reach the affected area soon and tents will also be provided to those whose houses were damaged or destroyed. As aftershocks continued to rock the region, many left their homes and spent the night on the roadside or in parks.
“The situation is slowly returning to normal, the level of panic is now less among the people, although an aftershock was felt at night,” said Sardar Gulfaraz Khan, a police deputy inspector general.
Jatlan road, a major thoroughfare of the area, is now reportedly open for traffic while the main highway and several bridges have been damaged in the quake and are not open for commuting. Widespread power outages have also been reported from the area as local infrastructure, including transformers and electric poles, were significantly damaged.— INP

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