Qeemat app


QEEMAT App launched initially by Punjab government in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Multan, has received an overwhelming response from the people within a short span of its commencement. The App is helping not only resolve the issue of delivery of quality items to the people at their doorsteps but also counter profiteering and price hike.
Indeed the App is especially useful for housewives and people who cannot go outside for shopping of food items. Besides it is also useful for those citizens who wish to avoid tiresome traffic or going through a busy market with multiple shopping bags. We really appreciate the Punjab government for using the latest technology to provide relief to the masses and given the utility of the App, we expect that its scope will also be expanded to other parts of the province as well with the passage of time especially the rural areas. To further spread its scope, the provincial government can use the services of Pakistan Post which has a vast network in the whole country. Then other provincial governments also need to come up with such innovative ideas for the convenience of their people. Having said so, it is important that the federal and provincial governments work in close cohesion on matters that could provide relief to the masses. The price hike has badly hurt the common man and there is need to put in place a strong pricing mechanism to control the prices of essential items in the open market. This mechanism should envisage strict action and fine against those who are robbing the pockets of poor people. We understand that the federal government had to take some difficult decisions to put the house in order but time has come to move swiftly towards provision of relief to the masses. Mere lip service will not work but the government will have to firstly enhance spending for the development projects as doing so definitely will trigger economic activity and provide job opportunities to the youth. This will also give confidence to the foreign investors to come to Pakistan and invest in different sectors of the economy.

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