Qatar makes a case for Afghanistan


QATAR, which has been playing a key role in efforts to find a political solution to the decades-long strife in Afghanistan and restoration of durable peace and stability, has made a strong case for Afghanistan at the “Rome MED 2021 — Mediterranean Dialogues”, a forum aimed at analyzing current challenges with new ideas and suggestions and to draft a new positive agenda, addressing shared challenges at regional and global levels.

Speaking at the forum, Qatar’s Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani regretted that the international community has yet to form a clear policy to deal with the current situation in the war-torn country, emphasizing the need for urgent efforts to rebuild Afghan infrastructure and support the people.

No doubt, similar views were also expressed repeatedly by the Pakistani leadership but unfortunately dispassionate appeals for prompt action to avert a humanitarian tragedy in Afghanistan have so far fell on deaf ears, which might have serious consequences not just for the region but beyond.

Qatar’s international standing has improved a lot in recent years and given the goodwill it enjoys at important capitals of the world, it is hoped that the pleas made by the Foreign Minister of Qatar would be taken seriously by the influential countries.

The clout of the Gulf state can be gauged by the fact that it not only hosted diplomatic talks on Afghanistan leading to peace accords and continues to serve as the main transit point for Afghan refugees awaiting resettlement but is also representing American diplomatic interests in Kabul after formation of the Taliban Government there.

Voicing concern over the fast deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, he emphatically stated that humanitarian aid should not be politicized as instability in Afghanistan could push the country back to the vicious cycle of terrorism and extremism.

Al-Thani has strong views on the Afghan issue as he believes abandoning Afghanistan will be a big mistake as isolation has never been an answer to any problem.

As there is a pressing need for practical steps for provision of humanitarian aid at the required level to Afghanistan, we hope Qatar, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other countries would coordinate their activities to achieve the desired results at the earliest.


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