Qatar has decided to donate the equipment used for housing the fans during the 2022 World Cup to Türkiye and Syria to aid with the earthquake relief efforts.

The mobile homes and portacabins will be used in earthquake zones to accommodate people left homeless after the tragedy. The first shipment carrying the initial 350 units has already left Qatar for Türkiye and Syria.

The Gulf state has also pledged to send 10,000 mobile housing units to the earthquake zones, Qatar’s Fund for Development said in a tweet.

“In view of the urgent needs in Türkiye and Syria, we have taken the decision to ship our cabins and caravans to the region, providing much-needed and immediate support to the people of Türkiye and Syria”.

Türkiye has been dealt a terrible hand after an earthquake of 7.8 magnitude rocked the foundations of the country. According to estimates the death-toll from has passed the 36,000 mark with the count expected to rise.

The country has also turned its attention from rescuing people to providing shelter and necessary resources to those who have been affected by the tragedy.

Qatar had always planned to donate the housing units, which were installed to house the influx of supporters who visited the country during the Novemeber-December tournament. The country also built Stadium 974 for the tournament which can be disassembled and put together whenever needed.