Qaiser Bengali fears SBP Ordinance may lead to disintegration


Economist Qaiser Bengali has said that if the SBP ordinance is passed, the country will break up. If the ordinance comes, the state will be paralyzed.

Talking to a private TV channel, he said that if the SBP’s autonomy ordinance comes, the government will be paralyzed and the state will be paralyzed.

“The state will not even have the money to pay salaries, because the first right will be to repay the loans.

When they take loans and repay the loans, the debts will increase even more. There will be no money to pay the police and the army.”

He asserted that nowhere in modern times has such an ordinance been passed, but in history it has happened in the Ottoman Empire, where it was stipulated that the Ottoman Empire would collapse, because they did not have the money to fight.

There was no money to counter the insurgency internally, the control of the money was with their central bank.

“This ordinance will break the country. I think the PDM should put all its demands aside and come together on it.

No matter for this, if it has to hold a sit-in or a long march. After the war we are fighting today against democracy, we will have to fight against financial institutions in Washington.”

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