Putin, please, pity on people | By Nighat Leghari


Putin, please, pity on people

TO begin with I would like to quote an inspiral verse from the Holy Bible for Mr Putin whose mother was a disciple of Apostle of peace.

The Bile reads.“For what shall it profit a man, if he gains the whole world after the loss of his life, remember” Russia has assaulted Ukraine, the scenes prevailing in Ukraine are as it were visible in “Hiroshima” when a “US Little Boy” played with a “Toy Bomb” leaving behind a large number of deaths and dismembered human beings crawling like insects on the ground crisping under the feet of their fellow being the passers-by.

The Ukrainians have been pushed into a living inferno like its fuel.Missiles are roaring in the sky and poring death on the heads of infallible civilians.

Russian atomic force is on red alert.Russian forces are hitting schools and residential buildings, it is also destroying critical infrastructures which provides millions of people with drinking water, electricity and gas to keep them from freezing to death.

Russia is committing horrific human rights causing massive humanitarian suffering across Ukraine.

Perhaps the third world war is imminent.Almost all the major nations have condemned the Russian attack on Ukraine specifically the USA and European Union but all lip-service nor came out with practical service to help the war affected civilians.

Factually every country is chained with its own interests and it cannot deviate its diplomacy.

US very enthusiastically said, “Russian attack on Ukraine has brought a catastrophic loss of life and human suffering.

We have been indulged in wars many times with many countries but our wars were to safeguard the human rights.

We were carrying God’s works and to crusade against the rogue powers.We have been practicing war for keeping peace.

We want to draw a new map of the globe which will guide the mankind, the way to liberty democracy and safeguarding the man and its faith and the assets of the people.

Our new “World Order” will introduce an orderly living to human community etc.Ironical enough that after the above statement of the US President, the American “civil liberty union” had said in its report that in a bid to be a big brother of human society the American privacy and liberty is on risk.

US war lords have invested a huge budget on weaponry contrary to this statement.Everyone knows that the US has developed highest technology higher that atomic devices it has planned to make contagious agents like smallpox to paralyse the enemy’s population etc.

When the US was very much busy with the wars towards weaker countries and sent a huge number of its armed forces towards far off areas and a large number of soldiers were killed.

The children of the departed fathers came to the streets carrying the play card and chanting the slogan “Don’t chop off our fathers, give back our peace and prosperity”.

1-The European leaders said, this crisis is the worst it is a threat to continent’s security. Russia should set back.2-The German Chancellor angrily reacted, “Putin will have to pay a biter price for this error”.

3-UK Premier said, “Russian attack will have dire consequences for the international community.

Putin is responsible if the war is back in Europe.It will bring a large-scale influx of refugees.

The above statements of the world leaders and the UN Declaration which depicts that all men are created equal as they are endowed the creator, among these are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Today I will not touch the political or strategic aspect of wars, I would like to unveil and break all those agonies and griefs consequences of which are suffered by the mankind.

I want to make it hear the pangs and cries of the war effectees.No doubt defence is inevitable but the warlords have created such a Casus-Beli culture all over the globe that almost every country is indulged in investing all wealth and manpower in warfare.

Every country has chosen a path towards destruction and not construction taking heights strides in developments, improvements and progress mankind shall stand present on the lowest stand.

Man has not conceived any wisdom from the times.Man has given up all his forbearance stamina and patience which were components of his make.

Vitality and mobility scenes to be moving from world community; even on the domestic level every member of the family is in grip of confrontation.

The family life is being broken rapidly.This is a signal of alarm for human community globally.A SOS notice is needed for the current conditions of the globe and a moment of meditation for everyone.

Human society should collectively endeavour to pin point these morbid minded souls to safeguard the human community.

This task is surely difficult but not impossible. We should come out of Stone Age when man has to carry stones and arrows in his hands to safeguard himself.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Multan.


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