Punjab police took VIP security measures for PTI leadership


With former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan surviving an assassination attempt in Wazirabad earlier this month, and continuing to face threats to his life, the Punjab Police on Saturday issued strict security measures for him and other senior party leadership.

The instructions were issued in the wake of a letter sent by Punjab Assembly Deputy Speaker Wasiq Qayyum Abbasi to the police.

Issued by Rawalpindi Deputy Inspector General of Police, it said that the 28 measures listed must be followed to ensure security of party leadership.

It advised that the traditional mode of announcing Imran Khan’s arrival to the venue and stage shall not be practiced.

Further, it advised the march organizers to use bullet proof rostrum and stage for Imran to address the crowd from. Moreover, it called for wearing a bullet proof vest.

The people on the stage were directed to restrict their movement to a specific area of the the stage. While all those present on the stage would have to be preapproved with a list drawn.

Sufficient distance would be maintained between the public and the stage.

Imran was advised not to exit his bullet proof vehicle at public place. Further, Imran’s vehicle must follow its specified route.

The advisory said that no private guard or armed person would be allowed at the venue.

Further, those coming to join the main rally will only be allowed to do so after undergoing a thorough search and walk-through gates. The party leadership is ordered to stay in touch with VIP security officers and law enforcement agencies.A VIP car parking will be separated and reserved, while the list of participants present on the stage must be provided to the management in prior.

Besides this, drone cameras and fireworks will be completely banned and workers will not be allowed to climb on the roof of any building.