Punjab Culture Day to be celebrated today


Caretaker Provincial Minister for Information and Culture Amir Mir said on Monday that the main events in connection with the Punjab Culture Day would be held at Alhamra Lahore on Tuesday, March 14, which would include cultural village, cultural show, cultural stalls, luddi, bhangra and much more.

In a statement, he said that this time the Punjab Culture Day would not remain limited to a single region or city. Celebrations would be held across Punjab, including Lahore, in which all colours of Punjab’s culture would be highlighted.

Amir Mir said that women would also be adequately represented at these events. A special logo had been designed for the day which includes a sketch of a woman with a man. He said that Punjabi culture was the name of advancing the philanthropic traditions of Punjab, it reflects the culture of unity, love and human respect, he added.

The minister said that the culture of Punjab was among the oldest cultures in the world in which there was love and respect whereas the culture of Pakistan was a bouquet of different cultures.

Punjab’s culture, festivals, food, costumes and ancient places were filled with thousands of colors, he said and added that the blessed region had a history of thousands of years old civilization. The culture of Punjab was a blend of fascinating cultural colors and was rich in the love of great Sufis like Hazrat Ali Hajveri, Baba Fariduddin Ganj Shakar, Sultan Bahu, Balhe Shah and many others. He said that the culture of the entire desert, plain and hilly areas of the province would be highlighted on the Punjab Cultural Day.