Publication of controversial book for 7th class students in IIOJK condemned


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the High Court Bar Association (HCBA) has con-demned the publication of a book in the name of History and Civics prescribed in syllabus for 7th class students.

The HCBA in a meeting chaired by N.A. Ronga in Srinagar said that the book, printed and published by JAY CEE Publications Private Limited, New Delhi, contains blasphemous contents and photo-graphs and sketches of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and Angel Gibreal in chapter–II at page 33 of the controversial book.

The HCBA in the meeting observed that the blasphemous contents are hurting the religious sen-timents of the Muslims across the world.

The Bar Association is deeply disturbed over the printing and publishing of this kind of book for 7th class students.

The participants of the meeting have demanded stern action against the author, printer and published of the book as well as against the educational gov-erning bodies and authorities for prescribing the controversial book in syllabus for 7th class students.

In the meeting it was demanded that the contro-versial book be withdrawn from the market and syllabus of the 7th class students immediately throughout India.

It was also decided that the Bar Association would take appropriate proceedings against the printer, publisher and author of the controversial book.

Meanwhile, Grand Mufti, Nasir-ul-Islam in a statement in Srinagar, condemning publication of controversial book, said this act is beyond tolerance and depiction of such material is against the Islam and has hurt the sentiments of Muslims across the world.

He appealed to the authorities and the ulema of India to ban the book and destroy all its copies.

He also demanded stern action stern action against the author, printer and published of the book.

The Chief Patron of Jammu and Kashmir Pair-wan-e-Wilayat, Sibte Shabbir Qumi in a statement in Srinagar, reacting over the book, said that blas-phemy in the curriculum is not a minor mistake but it is a well thought out conspiracy.—KMS

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