Public voted transparency, not corruption to power: CM Says no one to be allowed to hinder development underway under PM’s leadership



Amraiz Khan

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that no one will be allowed to create hindrance in the process of development and progress being carried out under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.
“There is transparent and honest leadership on the one side while symbol of disgrace the former rulers are on the other side. Unfortunately, PDM has set national interests aside.” The chief minister said the people have not elected corruption but
transparency through their votes. The opposition is not a threat for the government as this eldritch alliance is fading away with the passage of time. He said that the hollow slogan of “Vote Ko Izzat Do” has died by its own.
The chief minister said that the government will complete its constitutional term and those who are creating hurdles the journey of progress and prosperity will get nothing. Usman Buzdar said that disillusioned opposition has disappointed the people
on every national issue. The opposition has utilized all its energy only on oral submissions. The 220 million nation is well aware of the double standards of the opposition. The opposition should keep this in mind that the public cannot be served by
merely issuing statements but one has to stand with them in their trying times. The leadership of PTI was standing beside the people and will continue to do so, whereas, the opposition was failed in the past and will meet the same fate in future.
The negative attitude of the opposition parties has diminished their credibility among the people. He said that the opposition has made a vicious attempt to destroy national unity for their vested interests. The position of the opposition has been zero,
practically. The opposition created hue and cry and did nothing for the people. The people have been fed up with the negative politics of these two-faced politicians.
The PTI leadership understands the pain of the people. He said that this is not the time for point-scoring. The opposition’s politics to creating instability and unrest in the country will not work anymore. Those who made tall claims have been exposed in
front of the people. Opposition parties have exhibited irresponsible attitude even in extraordinary circumstances. Time has proved that the government, led by Prime Minister Imran Khan, has taken timely decisions.
Meanwhile, Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has expressed a deep sense of sorrow and grief over the death of 3 youths due to the motorbike- dumper collision near Gora Kabaristan. The Chief Minister has extended heartfelt sympathies with the family
members of the deceased. He also sought a report of this accident and directed to take action against the dumper driver.
Meanwhile, Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has convened the 40th meeting of the provincial cabinet on Monday (today) for reviewing the 25-point agenda. Provincial ministers, advisors, special assistants, chief secretary and senior officers will attend
the meeting.

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