Public pins hopes on PPP



Staff Reporter

The present government has completely failed to provide security to people at all levels and now the entire nation has pinned their hopes on PPP as saviour to steer the country out of quagmire of crises.

PPP Sheikhupura General Secretary and ticket-holder Seth Ghulam Rasool stated while talking to media men on Friday.

He claimed that political families joining of the PPP from all over Punjab, reflected the fact that the PPP is the only party capable of taking the country towards prosperity.

He said that the present government has resorted to weakening institutions to suppress political forces.

He claimed that cases on false charges were filed against him but he was honourably acquitted by the courts.

Seth Ghulam Rasool said that the political wisdom of PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari was also acknowledged by his opponents, adding that soon a show of power would be organized by PPP City in which PPP central and provincial leaders would fully participate.

Haji Muhammad Yasin Karmanwale and President PPP Zardari Release Committee were also present on the occasion.

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