Public peace movement to present plan after Nov 23


Addressing a press conference at District Press Club Wana, leaders of all political parties from Lower Waziristan, senior leader Noor Zaman Wazir from ANP, Imran Mukhlis from PPP, Shah Zada Wazir from PTM, JI district president Nadeem Wazir, Ashfaq Wazir from Pakhtunkhwa Map, social activist Iqbal Lala, Ajmal Advocate and other said,

Today the delegation of Wana Olasi Pasoon/ Public peace movement held a long consultation with the scholars regarding peace and order in which every aspect regarding peace and order was discussed,

However, there will be another sit-in with the Ullama on November 23, after which “Oalsi Pasoon”/ Public peace movement will present Plan B, Addressing the press conference, they said that Waziristan “Oalsi Pasoon” has postponed Plan B till 23rd. During this time, Wana “Olsi Pachon” will continue to consult with scholars/Ullamas and people of every school of thought regarding peace and law and order situation.

Plan B will be announced on 23rd. Wana “Olsi Pasoon” strongly demands from the government and civil administration that maintaining law and order is the responsibility of state institutions and civil administration. Therefore, the state institutions and civil administration should fulfill their constitutional and legal responsibility in maintaining peace and order.


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