Public finance management system reforms being introduced: Mohsin


Punjab Finance Minister Mohsin Laghari Tuesday said that the provincial government was introducing tax and public finance management system reforms with the involvement of all the concerned stakeholders to control the wasteful use of resources.

The minister speaking at the inauguration of private sector steel mill plant located at Manga road said that rapid population growth was leading the country to depleting resource so there was a dire need of harnessing population growth to meet the scarcity of resources.

The Punjab government was ensuring efficient and prudent use of resources to address the challenges facing the economy.

The government had been mobilising the frozen assets of government departments, he added.

The minister stressed the need of supplying of labor to global markets could ensure employment and eradicate the poverty. The PTI government’s first priority was country and its economy.

He lauded the steel mills role in the economic development of the province and the initiatives of steel mills were contributing to the growth of the province’s resources.

Punjab Finance Minister Mohsin Laghari mentioned that the private sector role was key importance for economic development of any country.

He said that the people should not put national interests behind to protect personal interests of political parties.

Laghari said that Pakistan needed humans not robots for the national stability and national development as the machines without feelings do not guarantee progress.


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