Public advisory issued for protection from Leishmaniasis


The Health Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has issued advisory for general public regarding protection from Leishmaniasis, a skin disease caused through bite of sandfly that starts from a lesion and turns into a large skin ulcer.

A colored advertisement has been issued in prominent national dailies of the country containing advises and remedial measure from the skin disease which is not only painful but is also considered as stigma because of the scar and disfigurement it causes on face or other infected parts of body.

The advisory issued to apprise people about protective measures that should be adopted specially in rural settlements where this sand fly is found, says Salauddin Marwat, Entomologist Integrated Vector Control and Management Programme KP.

Talking to APP, Salauddin informed that awareness about Leishmaiasis was very less among masses and its infection was increasing with passage of time. In 2018, there was an outbreak of Leishmaniasis in KP, infecting around 28000 people in merged and adjacent Southern districts.

Medecines Sans Frontier (MSF), an international medical humanitarian organization, sets up a treatment center in Peshawar after the outbreak and is providing free of cost treatment to thousands of patients in the province.

Similarly, masses are urged to cover body parts as protection from sting of mosquito and sand fly, avoid sleeping in open space during night, use mosquito net or repellent, spray insect killer in rooms, ensure cleanliness at home as sand fly is attracted by animal dung and waste, cover cracks in walls.