PTI’s Sindh caravan departs for Islamabad to attend March 27 Jalsa



Pakistan Tehreek Insaf’s Sindh Caravan departed from Karachi on Friday to participate in Amr bil Maroof public gathering of March 27 in Islamabad.

The caravan led by leader of the opposition in Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh, consisted of hundreds of vehicles specially decorated with pictures of PM Imran Khan, PTI flag colours and slogans was warmly received by workers and general public at Sohrab goth.

PTI parliamentary leader in Sindh Assembly Khurram Sherzaman, MNA Aftab Siddiqui, MPAs Saeed Afridi, Shahnawaz Jadoon and other party office bearers and workers were also present at the occasion.

Haleem Adil Sheikh while talking to media persons at the occasion said that thousands of people were heading towards Islamabad on the call of PM Imran Khan and the whole world will see that Pakistani nation is standing by the side of truth and righteousness.

Heinous characters of politics have been exposed before masses and nation is united against such elements, Haleem Adil said adding that whatever happened in Sindh House Islamabad was matter of shame and embarrassment for province of Sindh.

Mr. 10 percent and other thieves are on one side while Prime Minister Imran Khan alone is facing them, he said and satirically remarked that all the thieves who plundered national resources and tax payer’s money have gathered under one roof making it easier to hunt them all at a single place.

Sheikh said that nation was supporting PM Imran Khan and PTI was confident that allies and disgruntled members would vote in favour of Imran Khan. “We have certain reasons to be content and confident and everyone will see the results on the day of voting,” he said adding that all the PTI tigers were going Islamabad to celebrate their victory.

Khurram Sherzaman said that it was good for Pakistan that all the fake and corrupt politicians had gathered at a side and masses are seeing Zardari, Shehbaz and Fazal standing side by side while whole nation is on the side of PM Imran Khan.

He said that PM Imran Khan raised strong voice over serious issues of Namoos-e-Risalat and Islamophobia and United Nations declared March 15 as the international day against Islamophobia, he said and lauded Imran Khan for playing a leading role in such remarkable achievements.

He said that Pakistan under the leadership of PM Imran Khan adopted an independent foreign policy and nation is supporting the PTI’s economic and foreign policies.

MNA Aftab Siddiqui and MPA Saeed Afridi said that Pakistani nation has drawn a clear line to define who is on the right side and who has become accomplice of the vice. They said that PM Imran Khan has emerged as leader of Muslim nation by successfully taking the issue of Islamophobia at international fora.

They said that politicians who compromised national interest, ruined Pakistan’s economy and undermined national institutions are together while seeing end of their politics in the country.

Besides the road caravan from Sindh a train will also depart to Islamabad from Karachi carrying over 1700 persons, Siddiqui said Later, the Sindh Caravan started its journey to Islamabad and on the way to Hyderabad on Motorway M-9 all the vehicles of the caravan displayed exemplary traffic discipline and also paid toll tax.


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