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PTI’s one-year performance

PTI’s one-year performance

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf’s federal government headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan has just completed one year of its stipulated five years constitutional tenure in its maiden entry in the corridors of powers in Islamabad. In all fairness, it has some plus points and many minus points, achievements and failures here and there in the face of hostile opposition blind to all good things and more concerned about the cases leadership of both main opposition parties is facing. Prime Minister Imran Khan had done well to postpone any function to highlight his government performance in view of the Kashmir situation in view of his greater concern for the border situation and India’s persistent flagrant violations of Line of Control (LoC).
But where is the Federal Government’s one year performance report? The report is nowhere to be seen in print as the media people continue to rely more on electronic media, tweets and least bothered to avail the print media also. The federal government and the ruling party have more than half a dozen media people as well as the Information Ministry and its down the line subsidiary departments.
No doubt, no function was held to launch PTI one-year performance report but the media people should have ensured that the report reaches maximum number of print and electronic media people for scanning it and writing or saying something good or bad about its contents. But somehow the report is missing as was the report which was launched about 100 days of PTI federal government and was nowhere to be found by the people who wanted to go through it and possibly write something about it as well.


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