PTI would now form its next govt in Sindh: Adil



Haleem Adil Sheikh, the Leader of Opposition in Sindh Assembly,  congratulating the wining PTI candidates in Azad Kashmir during the general polls, has said that PTI would now form its next government in Sindh.

Sheikh, who is also senior vice president of PTI, in a press statement issued here on Monday, said that people of the valley outright rejected the leaders of the both main parties, who were daydreaming to win the elections through their dirty tricks.

Mr Sheikh   alleged that leaders of both PPP and PML-N stooped so low and used different dirty tricks  but they were  handed the humiliating defeat .

” On July 25, 2021 people of Kashmir reposing their trust in the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan voted for the party candidates in order to  bring the real change in the valley” he added and said that the dates of July 25 would always be remembered as  the red letter day in history of Pakistan because on the same day a great change was brought in during the general elections of 2018 and now on Sunday” he added.

The PTI leader hoped that the successful party lawmakers would now work hard and deliver to the people of Azad Kashmir.

He said that Imran Khan with his commitment and conviction for the cause of Kashmir, would continue to try his best at all the available international forums and would get the occupied parts of Kashmir liberated from the Indian forces.

The PTI leader claimed that the PPP leadership gave Rs 50 million to every candidate to run their election campaign adding he alleged that the amount which was disbursed  among the PPP candidates was looted by PPP rulers in Sindh.

The public money which was meant to purchase medicines for the poor patients, vaccines for  Covid-19,  the  constructions building of the dilapidated school, hospitals and other damaged infrastructure  and other welfare schemes across the province was first plundered and then was mercilessly spent to garner the support of the voters,  he said.

He said that PPP rulers including a notorious bandit  from Nawabshah misappropriated  the public money during their stay in the valley and they  also misused the official vehicles of Sindh government.

Mr Sheikh claimed that after forming the government AJK, PTI would now form their next government in Sindh and get the people rid of the corrupt and incompetent ruler, who according to him, had turned the entire provinces in ruins.

” The people here in Sindh have got sick of the corrupt rulers, who have left them at mercy of the rabid dogs and to groan under the worst governance for past 13 years  are ready to join the hands of Prime Minister Imran Khan and his tigers to throw away the PPP rulers from the power corridors” he remarked.

Adil  recalled that PTI under the dynamic  leadership of Imran Khan had taken part in the elections way back in 2002 and could only win one seat  and the with the passage of time it gained the massive mass support and first formed its government in KPK in 2013 and then emerged victorious in both in the Center and three province during last general elections. ”

The PTI after winning the elections first in Gilgit- Baltistan  has now won the race in Azad Kashmir ” he added  and hoped that  they were now focusing  on Sindh to bring the relief and respite for the people by  sending the corrupt PPP rulers in the similar manner.

The PTI leader said that people of Sindh were eagerly waiting for Prime Minister Khan to lead them from the front like the people of other provinces so that they could heave a sigh of relief by getting rid of the rulers, who according to him, had only created the mess for them.

Sheikh coming down hard on Maryam Nawaz Sharif and other leaders of PML-N observed that despite crying foul and seeking help from their friends in India , they faced humiliation at the hands of the patriotic people   of Kashmir.

” One of PML-N candidate  Chuadhry Mohammad Ismail Gujjar spoke his heart out like his  top leaders and tried  to seek the help from Indian forces during the poll process in the valley on Sunday ” he said and maintained that people with such dangerous intentions had become the grave threat to sovereignty and integrity of the country and demanded the punitive actions against him and his mentors and patrons.

He said that threats by Mr Gujjar was proof enough that PML-N leaders had always sought help from their friends in India and compromised on the Kashmir Cause and tried to damage the sovereignty of Pakistan.

He observed people with such dangerous and unholy designs should not be left to roam freely.

The PTI leader maintained that the candidates of both parties, who had taken turns of their rule in Kashmir, were rejected because people sensibly realized that they were doing nothing for them and brothers under the illegal occupation of Indian forces.

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