PTI won’t allow PDM’s Govt to implement their pre-planned agenda: Zulfi

Raza Naqvi

Central Leader of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf and Candidate for NA-50 Attock Syed Zulfiqar Abbas Bokhari (Zulfi Bokhari) on Friday while lashing out the PDM alliance government has said that the entire assembly was puppeteering in the hands of Prime Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif to make legislation of their own choice by creating hurdles in the smooth functions of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. These views he expressed during his news conference here at his residence. Responding different questions of the media persons, he said that the imported and fascist rulers are trying to escape from the elections as they are afraid of the rising popularity of PTI leadership Imran Khan among the masses. Zulfi Bokhari has reiterated that PTI would never allow PDM alliance government to implement their pre-planned agenda launched for their own political gains. Zulfi Bokhari said that the confusion of the Prime Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif during his speech in the parliament house was vivid on his face. He said that the rulers have bulldozed the Constitution of Pakistan to protect their heinous crimes even they forced to passed amendments in hurry to influence the ongoing court proceedings of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Zulfi Bokhari further said that the rulers have made hostage the system but they would put resistance at all levels despite facing their concocted and fabricated cases with highhandedness of the state agencies. He claimed that the people are stood behind the bold leadership of Imran Khan who would purge the country from the prevailing political economic imbroglio with his political wisdom. Zulfi Bokhari said that the PDM led government is involved in conspiracy to prolong their tenure as they are afraid of their sure defeat in the forthcoming elections. The siting government of PML(N) Alliance has lost its popularity in the masses due to its anti-political policies adopted just to settle their scores with the PTI,s staunch workers and common people of the country. They have targeted their senior leaders Mr. Azam Swati, Dr. Shahbaz Gil by twisting the facts besides harassing the social media activists and imposing restrictions .