PTI wants to bring reforms in electoral process

Staff Reporter

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leaders on Friday said that government in leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan was committed to bringing electoral reforms in the best interest of the country.

Traditional politics of money needs to be ended and candidates should be elected on the basis of their capabilities, leaders said while speaking with Radio Pakistan’s current Affair Programme.

PTI senior leader Kanwal Shauzab said the PTI since assuming power has been struggling to ensure transparency in elections of upper and lower houses of the parliament.

The Upper House is a continuous body that never dissolves, she said, adding that the process through which the senators were elected in recent elections was disappointing.

She said that there should be no skepticism on credibility of the candidate and it is the basic ingredient of democracy that members elected in upper and lower houses must be credible.

Kanwal said the candidate with mandate of people of his constituency must be elected.

The election result on general seat was stolen in recent senate elections and the person with no credibility was elected as senator through horse trading, she mentioned.

Prime Minister is very much determined to bring transparency in election process and PTI has introduced 26 amendments in this regard, leader said.

A big change will be noticed in future regarding the transparency in electoral process, she assured.

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