PTI urges Capital admin to reconsider rejection of NOC application


The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on Sunday wrote to the Islamabad Capital Territory Deputy Commissioner after the latter had refused to give permission to PTI to stage a protest in the federal capital.

In the letter from the PTI central secretariat, the party claimed that all of its political gatherings and sit-ins have been peaceful and in line with all constitutional requirements.

“PTI always abides by the dictates of the constitution of Pakistan and the law of the land,” it said, adding that all past gatherings and sit-ins were peaceful.

With regard to the May 25 protest and violent incidents, the party refused to take any responsibility. Rather, it claimed credit for defusing the situation.

“It was PTI which strictly upheld its commitments under the law, but unprecedented use of force created a situation which again was defused by PTI on May 25, 2022, by calling off the protest,” the letter read.

On the incidents which took place during its June 30 and July 2 rallies, the PTI central secretariat explained that for the former, they received access to the venue only hours before the event, and it was not possible to make CCTV facilities available moreover, it refused to take the blame for damage on the latter and instead blamed it on some unknown elements.

The party even refused to take responsibility for banners and hoardings put up, terming these as the act of individuals “as a usual practice to mark their presence.”

On the location of the rally, the party maintained that they were determined to stage their gathering and sit-in on the Srinagar Highway between sectors H-9 and G-9.

The party claimed that this was a location previously allocated to other parties by “the Superior Courts of Pakistan as well.” “It may be reminded the other political parties were also allotted the same place in accordance with the judgment of Superior Courts.”

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