PTI trying to stop foreign aid for flood victims: Sharjeel



Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon has accused the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) of being involved in a heinous conspiracy to mislead the concerned international community on the issue of aid it has been providing to the flood victims in the country.Speaking at a press conference on Monday, the he said the PTI had been conspiring to convince the international community to stop sending aid to Pakistan for helping out the flood victims.

He told media persons that in the previous day, around 600 social media accounts had been used to make viral a fake picture to wrongly send a message to the entire world that the aid Pakistan had been receiving from the foreign donors was being misused.

Memon said that under the heinous propaganda campaign, social media was being brazenly used not just to disseminate the fake picture but at the same time, the United Nations and other relevant foreign donor agencies had been unduly tagged in such false posts in order to persuade them to stop helping Pakistan.

“I, in my personal capacity as a concerned citizen of Pakistan, appeal to the federal government, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, and all the relevant agencies to take stern action and arrest the persons who are involved in such disgraceful act against Pakistan and flood victims,” he said.

Memon also announced that he would approach the Sindh High Court in his personal capacity against the propaganda campaign against foreign assistance for the flood victims.

He also mentioned a report from a television news channel that revealed that the fake picture used under the propaganda campaign in fact belonged to India.“Imran Khan should tell what wrong has been done by the people affected by the floods in the country as such a vicious attempt is simply intolerable,” he remarked.

The information minister said that by making such a heinous attempt, the PTI had sent out the message to the rest of the world that it should no more send aid to help out the flood victims in the country.He said the same fake picture had been posted on social media by known persons who appeared on television screens to support the PTI. Such an attempt could not be condoned as being an act covered under the right to freedom of expression as this heinous act was perpetrated to undermine the interest of hundreds of thousands of flood victims, Memon added.

“This evil-minded person is an enemy of the state institutions, justice, and politicians and now today, he is a proven enemy of the flood victims,” the information minister said about the PTI chairman without explicitly naming him. He alleged that the origin of such anti-state acts could be traced back to Bani Gala in Islamabad. He added that the PTI chairman had earlier propagated that an American conspiracy had been behind the eventual downfall of his government but later on, he met officials and diplomats of the US.

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