PTI to stage sit-in at Faizabad on Nov 26


Seeks permission from Islamabad admin for rallies

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) sought permission from the Islamabad administration on Monday to allow it to proceed from different routes of Islamabad to reach Faizabad in Rawalpindi.

The party has also sought permission for a helicopter landing and take off at Parade Ground for PTI supremo Imran Khan till the gathering or sit-in concludes.

PTI President for Islamabad, Ali Nawaz Awan, moved the application before the district administration on Monday morning and sought permission for PTI’s public gathering at Faizabad on November 26. The PTI leader has also sought the capital administration’s approval for the landing and taking off of a helicopter, which would carry PTI chief Imran Khan from Lahore to Islamabad, at Parade Ground. Although the application does not clearly state whether it will be a one-day gathering or a sit-in, the intention is clear that the November 26 rally can be converted into a sit-in. PTI has kept the option open in line with its strategy to keep its cards close to its chest and not give the government too much reaction time.

Recently, PTI leaders Fawad Chaudhry and Shireen Mazari revealed that PTI would definitely move towards Islamabad. “Islamabad is our final destination but wait till Imran Khan’s announcement on the 26th,” Mazari told The Express Tribune.

Keeping the May 25 rally earlier this year and its abrupt ending in view, PTI is carefully moving ahead this time around rather than making tall claims like it did previously. On the other hand, the government has said that it is fully prepared to deal with the PTI rally or sit-in and that there is no pressure on it.

PTI concluded the second phase of its long march on November 19 and Imran announced a rally in Rawalpindi on the following Saturday. The timing of the rally is interesting as the government is expected to announce the name of the new military chief this week and the ceremony for the change of command is to take place on November 29 at Rawalpindi.

In the application, Awan wrote that “Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has announced a peaceful public gathering/sit-in at Faizabad (Rawalpindi) on Saturday, 26th of November, 2022 for which the rallies/convoys from Islamabad and across Pakistan shall be convened to participate in Haqeeqi Azadi March at Faizabad (Rawalpindi)”.


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